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21 Tips To Save Power Tue, 29 Mar 2016 01:35:29 GMT



1. Use your air-conditioner sparingly and switch to dry mode to make even more savings.

2. Switch to solar power to minimise your bills.

3. Use gas or solar for your hot water generation.

4. Install powerboards for big devices like TVs which can be turned off by remote control.

5. Use the sun to dry clothes rather than a dryer. Use a softener in the cold water wash if you don't like hard towels. Or just harden up.

6. Send the teenagers away to their mates for a few days (or weeks).

7. Introduce penalties when the kids fail to switch things off.

8. Turn the lights off people! And change to energy saving bulbs.

9. Switch large TVS off standby mode.

10. Recharge your electronic devices at work rather than at home. Just don't tell the boss.

11. Have a candlelit dinner for the missus.

12. Have a BBQ for the bloke in your life.

13. Go to a mates and use their power to watch the footy.

14. Don't iron or buy clothes that don't need ironing. A few wrinkles never killed anyone.

15. Use a microwave instead of the oven.

16. Bathe in the ocean or a dam rather than having a shower.

17. Shower with a wife or friend. By just make sure it's not your wife's friend!

18. Go natural with the hair - avoid the straightener - or just shave it off altogether.

19. Turn your computer off for a few days and go outside.

20. Sell the teenager's Playstation and Xbox. They will love you for it eventually (Maybe).

21. Have an Earth hour every week. 60 minutes with no power. It will do wonders for birth rates.

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