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Struddys Sports - Go Solar

Struddys Sports at 82 Bryants Rd, Shailer Park will soon be enjoying the reduced energy costs from their new 39 kW Solar Power System consisting of 150 x 260 w Hanwha Panels and 2 Fronius 15kW Inverters installed through our partnership with AGL Commercial Solar.

Savvy Business Owner "Ross Strudwick" (former Australian Rugby League Player) took advantage of our Free Energy Consultation which outlined his current usage, future usage, predicted savings and energy reduction recommendations.

With the expansion of their in house garment manufacturing and new air conditioned offices Ross discovered during our consultation that by installing solar power through AGL's solar Smart Plan he could purchase the system with:

  • No capital outlay (freeing up funds to expand his business)

  • reduce operating costs (even after increasing manufacturing)

  • Stress Free (as the system is monitored and maintained by AGL*)

Call 0419 131 131 today for your Free Energy Consultation

*With an AGL solar Smart Plan, AGL takes care of the solar installation and covers the solar system’s warranties, maintenance and performance monitoring for the duration of your agreement

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