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Rinnai Australia

Company Benefits
  • 40 Years Manufacturing

  • Quality Brand

  • Extensive Warranties

  • Gas & Electric Hot Water

  • Wide Range Of Products

  • Advanced Technology

Rinnai Distributer

Quality Hot Water, Heating & Lifestyle Products


As a Rinnai Distributer we can supply the full range of Rinnai products.


For over 40 years Australians have enjoyed the comfort, convenience and reliability of Rinnai gas appliances. With their commitment to ongoing innovations now have a wide innovative range of solar, gas and electric hot water systems, radiant and convection heaters, barbeques and even gas dryers


Rinnai is proud to be the No 1 choice for continuous flow hot water in Australia.

Independent tests are used to give Energy Star Ratings to all gas hot water system - the more stars the better.  The Rinnai Continuous Flow INFINITY ranges are highly efficient



For product brochures and warranty details visit:

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