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Trina Solar

Manufacturing Process.
Company Benefits
  • World class testing centre
  • Optimized corners, increased output
  • 10/25 year output warranty
  • Choice of Sizes
  • High Performance

Ranked Top Three - Trina Solar Panels - Australian No1 Panel 2012


Ranked among the top three best performing modules by Photon Yield Test (2010)

World class in-house testing centre


Industry Leading transferable 10 year workmanship/25 year output warranty


Guaranteed power output (0 to 3%) positive tolerance


High performance under low light conditions (cloudy days, morning and evenings)


All components are manufactured onsite from ingots to finished modules assuring the quality of each component


Optimized corners, for increased output


Quad Max technology achieving 18.8% cell efficiencies


Employs over 17,000 staff worldwide


For product brochures and warranty details visit:

Trina Solar Top 10 Innovative Company
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