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Solar Power for Residential Customers.


Quality Systems, Reliable Service, Trusted Installations


We’ve made it easy by choosing to sell only the best solar panels, inverters and mounting systems on the market today. You still have a choice of systems but you won’t have to worry about the products.  


A good system doesn’t stop at the panels and inverters.  Some companies cut costs by using cheap cables and isolators which will lead to poor connections and less output.  But more importantly could be unsafe and in some cases even set on fire.  Inferior mounting frames are another area where cheap companies cut costs.  And not all electricians take to time to make sure your job is done correctly the first time.  


So if you want to save yourself the time Call Us Today, we’ve done the research, we know the industry and products that work and don’t work, the cable and isolators we use are of top quality and CEC compliant.  Installations are completed by fully accredited electricians who will make sure your system is installed in the optimal position for your home.


Benefits of our service

  • Superior Installations

  • Tried & Tested Panels

  • Leading Inverters

  • Interest Free Terms Available

  • Simple & Easy

  • Fast turn around

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