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Add the WOW Factor to Your Home

Add the WOW Factor to Your Home

Energize your home with FREE natural light from the sun.

Beautiful Bathroom Skylights

Beautiful Bathroom Skylights

Traditional Skylights.


VELUX Skylights not only hence your home and provide a "Wow" Factor, they SAVE ENERGY.

Perfectly designed for harsh climates and guaranteed to last with 10 years warranty. Skylights are the perfect partner to fight rising energy bills.


VELUX skylights are designed to keep heat loss to a minimum, to make the most of solar thermal gain and let in daylight and fresh air. Almost all roof windows have highly efficient, gas filled, coated glazing units that minimise heat loss. 


During summer, the energy balance should be as close to zero as possible, reducing the risk of overheating and avoiding the use of fossil energy for cooling. During winter, the energy balance should be greater than zero and as high as possible to reduce energy loss and optimise gains from passive solar energy.


Benefits of VELUX Skylights


  • No more dark and dreary rooms

  • No more wasting electricity

  • Fill your home with natural light

  • Get the “Wow” Factor

  • 10 Years Warranty

  • Double Glazed

LED Skylights.


We supply Trade quality Illume solar skylights with heavy duty cabling and components in a wide variety of shapes and sizes such as square, round, rectangle and even windows from 180mm to 600mm.  No matter what room you want to light up there is an illume skylight to suit your taste.


What makes the illume solar skylight special is that the LED panel light is powered from a solar panel which install easily fixed to metal or tiled roofs without haven’t to cut any holes.  A 12V lead is ran down a transformer and then to the light which is recessed in to the ceiling.  Leaving a beautiful sleek natural light and because it runs on 12V you can even install it yourself.  


If you install the skylights in an area where there is no backup lighting for night time a power switch can be added to the mains power (must be installed by an electrician)


Benefits of iLLUME Skylights



  • No shaft required

  • No more dark and dreary rooms

  • No running costs

  • Fill your home with ambient light

  • Can be installed multiple levels

  • 3 Years Warranty*





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