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SAP Rinnai Log Fire
Log Fire
SYM Rinnai Log Fire
Rinnai Fire App - Available on Iphone & Android


Ever wonder what your house would look like with a beautiful new gas log fire?  Well now you can try before you buy.  


Just download the New Rinnai Fire App available for FREE download on iphone or Android.


You will also need to print a special A3 poster available HERE to be able to use the app.  Just place the poster where you would like to install a log fire, select the log fire.  And hay presto a photo of your new log fire will appear, you can even share the photo with friends

LPG & Natural Gas Heating

Gas heaters have been widely popular to heat homes as they are far more economical and environmentally friendly compared to electric heaters.


We can supply and install an innovative range of gas heaters to suit every home with extensive warranty and after sales service.


Heater Selection


It is very important to select the correct size heater for your home.  Things to consider are the area of the room you wish to heat as well as how well insulated the room is and what type of floor coverings you have.


Safety Using Gas


All our gas fitters are fully qualified to install gas heating products and issue a certificate of compliance after every installation.  If you use your own gas fitter it would be wise to ensure your installation is carried out by qualified trades people and request of certificate of compliance.


Star Rating


It is advisable to check the Energy Star Rating when trying to save on fuel costs. The higher the Star Rating the more efficient your gas heater will run.  You can also use our GAS CALCULATOR to estimate how much it will cost you to run your new LPG or Natural Gas Heater.

We Can Help Choose A System That's Right For You

Download or View the Latest Rinnai Heating Brochures Here

View the Full Range of Gas Products

We Can Supply & Install Below


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