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Testing, Removal or Replacement of Backflow Prevention Devices


We provide fast, reliable and affordable, 


  • testing

  • removal 

  • replacement

Of all types of backflow prevention devices and supply a copy of the completed Form 9 "Report on inspection and testing of backflow prevention devices, registered air gaps and registered break tanks" to Council and the owner.


Annually testing of backflow prevention devices is required under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 to prevent the reverse flow of water from potentialy polluted water sources into the potable (drinking) water supply.


Council requires all new devices with reduced pressure zone, double check and some single check valves be registered and tested annually. Non-testable devices like dual check valves and some single check valves do not need to be tested annually


You may have a backflow prevention device fitted on your property if you have any of the following,


  • domestic or commercial irrigation system

  • fire hose reels or hydrants

  • commercial and industrial water supply machinery connected to the mains

  • water outlets in proximity to pollutants, grease traps or chemicals

  • any water storage tank that has mains water backup


Visit HERE For further information on Brisbane City Council requirements for backflow prevention testing 

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