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Domestic and Commercial Solar Power Brisbane


Quality Systems, Reliable Service, Trusted Installations

We pride ourselves in only providing our customers with the best solar panels and inverter brands in the industry so you can rest knowing that if anything should happen you have somewhere to go to fix any problems but we don't just stop there.


The Clenery Ezrail mounting rails we use are also top quality as we want them to last and the isolators and cables that help with panel performance are trusted and top of the range.


Installation is not something you leave to the cheap and nasty installers.  Our installions are carried out by First Rate CEC installers with many years experience and fully up to date with the latest laws and Australian Standards.


So if you've done your homework well you'll of found us, otherwise if you've just stumpled upon us then you may want to save yourself some time and give us a call or request a quote as we want to look after all our customers by sharing our knowledge and provide you with the best service.


One of the best ways to reduce your energy usage is to invest in Solar Power.   Brisbane has the perfect weather conditions to get the most of the free energy generated from the Sun.  


Benefits of our service

  • Superior Installations

  • Tried & Tested Panels

  • Leading Inverters

  • Interest Free Terms Available

  • Simple & Easy

  • Fast turn around


If you don't like using the internet and would prefer to talk to someone in person, who can go through your electricity bill with you and explain in layman terms everything you need to know and provide energy saving tips and ideas.  Call today to make a booking 07 3806 3333



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