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Choosing the Right Hot Water Brisbane and Gold Coast 

Gas Hot Water Systems

Intantaneous Gas hot water systems in general provide instant hot water on demand whereas storage gas hot water systems heat the full tank when the temperature drops below a preset amount.


It is important to take into consideration the yearly metering costs of Natural Gas and the yearly rental fees for LPG as well as the correct size to suite the number of hot water outlets and the number of people in the home before purchasing a system.


Commercial gas hot water systems are designed to reduce running costs and provide ample hot water for the required facilities.  


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Electric Hot Water Systems

It is always advisable to have an electric hot water system connected to either off peak tariff 31 or 33 otherwise your electricity bill could be very high as these systems heat up the whole tank when they drop below 60 degrees.


Tariff 31 is the cheapest tariff but your tank will only heat up during the night.  If you use all the water during the day, you may run out until the next morning.

Tariff 33 will give you a guaranteed 18 hours, but usually not during peak hours.


You may want to concider Solar Hot Water to reduce your energy bills or Gas Hot Water for hot water on demand.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

When you have had enough of paying the electricity company for your hot water then you may want to consider solar hot water.  Queensland is the sunshine capital of Australia and Brisbane has the perfect climate with it's long hot summers to more than make it worth the while to switch to solar hot water.


With Rebates of up to $1404 still available now is the time to change before the rebates are gone.


A solar hot water system can save you approx 80-85% of your hot water running costs.


Hot Water Brisbane, Hot Water Logan, Hot Water Redlands

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We Can Help Choose A System That's Right For You

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